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Colin MacDonald

Colin serves as President and Lead Advisor for All Things Annuity. Colin's main role is to work directly with our clients and potential clients to devise a suitable annuity plan for their safe money.


Colin began his career in the financial service industry in 1999 as a Senior Sales Trainers at Allianz Life. During his time at Allianz, he worked with, trained, and gave presentations to thousands of financial planners on the importance of providing income to their clients. The importance of providing guaranteed income to clients has been the bedrock of his philosophy towards retirement planning, and was the inspiration for All Things Annuity.

Since its inception, Colin’s mission at All Things Annuity has been to provide his clients and potential future clients with the tool and knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions. The All Things Annuity website contains a wealth of information designed to explain the fundamentals of annuities. However, once you are ready to discuss your specific situation and financial needs, we encourage you to reach out to Colin for a brief introductory conversation.