Lincoln OptiBlend

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Add more certainty to your retirement savings with Lincoln OptiBlend ® fixed indexed annuity

Upside growth potential

In addition to a guaranteed fixed interest rate, your account has the potential to be credited with positive index performance.

  • Fixed Interest Rate Options
  • 8.00% Annual Returns if the S&P 500 Index has a positive change or remains flat.**

The power of downside protection

Your account will never be credited less than 0% — even in a down market.* So, your hard-earned savings are protected.

  • Gains from any previous periods will remain intact.
  • Your principal is always 100% protected from market loss.*

Additional benefits

There are multiple optional features to enhance your Lincoln OptiBlend, including free withdrawals and lifetime income options.

  • 10% free withdrawals
  • Income to meet your needs or a lump sum upon completion
  • A death benefit for your loved ones

*If allocated to the 1 Year BlackRock Dynamic Allocation Participation Plus account, a 1% annual fee will be deducted regardless of index performance. The fee is deducted at the beginning of the indexed term, based on the amount allocated to the account.

**Rate as of 01/18/2023 for the 1 Year S&P 500 Performance Triggered option.