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MasterDex X® Annuity

Principal protection against market downturns,

potential indexed interest,

the potential for tax-deferred growth, and a death benefit for beneficiaries.

If you're concerned about saving for retirement – and also want flexible retirement income options, including income for life – MasterDex X Annuity may be a good choice.


While you're saving for retirement, MasterDex X gives you:

  • a 4% bonus on premium payments received in the first three years (subject to a 10-year vesting schedule), and
  • the potential for fixed or indexed interest based on positive changes in several market indexes from allocation options chosen.


And when you're ready to start receiving income, MasterDex X offers:

  • the flexibility to take 10% of your premium as penalty-free withdrawals in any year you don't place premium in your annuity, and
  • access to the money in your contract through a penalty-free lump-sum withdrawal after 10 years, and
  • flexible income options – including traditional annuity payments or lifetime income withdrawals from the optional Simple Income III Rider, available at an additional cost.

Issue age and minimum

You must be between the ages of 0-80 in order to purchase MasterDex X Annuity.

The minimum initial premium payment is $20,000 for qualified and nonqualified money.


MasterDex X offers a 4% premium bonus and a choice of fixed interest and/or indexed interest options. The bonus will be credited on all premium received in the first three years. None of the bonus is vested during the first contract year. The bonus is subject to a 10-year vesting schedule. 10% of the bonus will become vested on each contract anniversary until the beginning of the 11th contract year, when 100% will be vested.


If you surrender your contract before the 11th contract year, you will lose the unvested bonus. During the first 10 contract years, we will apply a surrender charge and unvested bonus reduction if you partially or fully surrender your contract. The same would apply if you begin annuitization, which means receiving regular annuity payments over a specified period of time, prior to the sixth contract year (or for fewer than 10 years). These charges may result in a loss of bonus, indexed interest and fixed interest, and a partial loss of principal (your premium).


Bonus annuities may include higher surrender charges, longer surrender charge periods, lower caps, higher spreads, or other restrictions that are not included in similar annuities that don't offer a premium bonus feature.


If you surrender the contract before the beginning of the 11th contract year, you will receive the amount of vested bonus as part of your cash surrender value.


The participation rate is 100% guaranteed for the life of the contract. This means we use the entire percentage of index change when we calculate the indexed interest rate. Caps or spreads would still apply. The cap is the maximum percentage of index change we use for a specified time period to determine how much interest we credit to your annuity in a given contract year.


A spread is the amount we subtract from the percentage of change calculated for an index to determine how much interest we credit to your annuity in a contract year.

Call your Allianz financial professional for current caps, spreads, and interest rates.

Allocation options

Monthly sum: S&P 500® Index,  Select S&P 500® Index, Nasdaq-100® Index, EURO STOXX 50®Index

Annual point-to-point: S&P 500® Index, Select S&P 500® Index, Nasdaq-100® Index, EURO STOXX 50® Index, blended index

Monthly average: Blended index

The blended index is comprised of Dow Jones Industrial Average (35%), Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index (35%), EURO STOXX50® Index (20%), and Russell 2000 Index (10%).

A fixed interest allocation is also available.

Income or accumulation benefits

If you are interested in lifetime income withdrawals, consider adding the optional Simple Income III Rider to your MasterDex X Annuity, available at an additional annual cost of 0.95% of your simple withdrawal value which is deducted monthly from the accumulation value and the guaranteed minimum value (in most states).

It offers simplicity, flexibility, predictability, and the opportunity for increasing income payments.

  • It's simple because it credits a simple bonus to your simple withdrawal value at the end of each contract year until you begin income withdrawal payments or turn age 90. Consult your Allianz financial professional for current simple bonus rate.
  • It's also flexible because when you are ready to start your lifetime income withdrawal payments, you can choose from three payout options:
    • Income option 1: With this option, you'll have the predictability of knowing exactly how much each payment will be.
    • Income option 2: With this option, your income payments will start lower but have the potential to increase each year that your contract earns fixed or indexed interest.
    • Income option 3: With this option, your income payments can increase up to 10% per year based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) for a period of 20 contract years after you begin income withdrawal payments.


Keep in mind that if you take immediate income, the contract won't benefit from the simple bonus each year. Once lifetime income withdrawals begin, free withdrawals can no longer be taken.

Access your money

After the first contract year you can take penalty-free withdrawals. In each contract year you can take up to 10% of your contract's paid premium in one or more free withdrawals. There will be no surrender charge applied, and no reduction to your unvested bonus as long as the money is withdrawn after the contract anniversary following your most recent premium payment. However, if you fully surrender your contract or add premium within the same contract year of a free withdrawal, a surrender charge will be assessed and an unvested bonus reduction will be made.


You can receive your annuity's full accumulation value at any time after 10 contract years. If you take out all of your contract's value before the beginning of the 11th contract year, the value you will receive is equal to the accumulation value, less unvested bonus, less surrender charges.


A surrender charge will also apply if you annuitize prior to the sixth contract year or if the annuity payments are taken over a period of fewer than 10 years. This could result in loss of interest and bonus, and a partial loss of principal. You could receive less than the amount of premium you put into the contract. However, the cash surrender value will never be less than the guaranteed minimum value as described in your contract.


The surrender charge percentage starts at 10% for the first three contract years and then, beginning on the fourth contract anniversary, decreases by 1.25% on each contract anniversary until the 11th contract anniversary, when the surrender charge will equal 0%.

Payout options

Annuity payments, which are the payments we pay you over a period of time, are based on your accumulation value, and a variety of payout options are available from interest only to installments for life.


If you keep your contract for at least 10 years, you can choose to receive the full accumulation value, including the vested bonus, in a lump sum.


Or, if you prefer, after five years you can annuitize the full accumulation value, including the vested bonus, over a period of at least 10 years.


After the first contract year, you can also choose to annuitize the accumulation value, which does not include the bonus, over a period of 10 to 30 years via the Flexible Annuity Option Rider.


At higher ages, you may be able to take these payments over a period of fewer than 10 years.

Death benefit

Before annuitization, the contract's accumulation value is available as a lump sum or as annuity income payments over at least five years.




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